Unsecured loan s of up to £120,000 can be available for virtually any legal business purpose. Find out if your business qualifies by submitting a copy of your latest accounts and the last four quarters VAT returns. Bear in mind that the business, the directors and shareholders will be credit searched. Adverse credit will not necessarily preclude a loan from being granted but it may affect the amount of funding made available. You could be approved for funding within 24 hours and the pay out of funds follows very quickly, often within another 24 hours. You will be provided with a detailed quotation of costs, including interest rates and monthly repayments once approval is granted but bear in mind that there are no legal or valuation costs incurred. Unsecured loans do not interfere with any existing arrangements which you may have with your bank.  

Business cash advances are available from £5,000 upwards and are available for any legal business purpose. A decision is made on funding within 24 hours and funds are usually available within days. There is no fixed term or monthly repayment; Funds are geared to your future PDQ machine takings and will not interfere with your existing financing arrangements. This type of facility can be really useful if you are having difficulty obtaining funding from your Bank or other sources, for example if you wish to expand or improve your business but the most recent accounts do not support your application. Full cost quotations will be provided once approval of the facility is granted.

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