With over 40 years experience in the Banking and Financial markets, Omnium are uniquely placed to help your business move forward. Our last eighteen years of working have been spent as a specialist broker, operating across all areas of business finance. During this time, we have helped literally hundreds of businesses to achieve their financial objectives and have built up an unrivalled knowledge of lenders and their products.  Because of this, we can quickly find a solution to virtually all business finance issues. The market is dynamic and ever changing and we find that lenders old and new are keen to keep us up to date with new products and innovations ahead of our competitors, and which we can bring rapidly to the market.

For many businesses, their Bank is usually their first port of call for help with an acquisition, expansion or solving a problem but it may not always be the best place to go because recent experience has taught us all that the appetite of  clearing banks to lend can be variable. We like to think of ourselves as a virtual Bank, with an appetite which is undiminished by centralised policies or an ‘out of balance’ lending book. Whatever the financial climate, or the nature of your business requirements, ask us to help and we will help you in a friendly, efficient and open manner.

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